LOL Diabetes!

August 14, 2007

O Hai!

(Translation:  Oh, hi!)

If they can have I Can Has a Cheezburger, chock full of LOL Cats, why can’t we have LOL Diabetes?  For a disease that requires daily management, laughter can make as much a difference as insulin.  Welcome to LOL Diabetes

Do you have an LOL Diabetes moment to share? 

Send your LOL Diabetes pictures directly to your host, Ms. Siah Sausage, at loldiabetes@yahoo.com.  She will be responding personally to each email.  (Seriously.  We bought her a laptop and everything.) 



  1. This is the most awesomest thing ever! Siah, you R0CK!!!

    I will be sending pics soon.

  2. Hi Siah,

    Weird, not written in Cat!

  3. I speak both Cat and English. I can also crochet.

    O hai! I can haz a bilingual?

  4. Purrs and lol’s to you Siah. You can has teststrips and tubing though.

  5. i love this website! it really makes diabetes sound a lot better than it is to be honest. some of the videos made me laugh so hard i cried. that picture about the pump being a gameboy and dieing i fyou lose i love! its my new way of explaining my pump to people… my friends expecially.

  6. I can has diabetees and a laff!

  7. I just stumbled upon this sight and I love it! Being a 45 year veteran of TypeI I could really tell some stories. Seeing that others have the same struggles and make the same silly mistakes makes me laugh and that is always the BEST medicine of all! When I find a few min. I may send something in! Thanks-debi

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