August 22, 2007

Submitted by:  PTC

(Siah’s note:  Yay!  The green lady has her site on her thigh, like Kerri!)



  1. This is great, because the first 2 times i saw an ipod, i got excited i had spotted/found another one of us and said hi. Hey, you have a pump too!

    Now, people think my pump is an ipod. the shape and way the tubing comes up are the same.

  2. […] 4 – iPump. A play on the now famous iPod silhouette ads, this mock version of this campaign features people wearing insulin pumps in place of iPods. […]

  3. This is just briliant! Damn guys, I love this site and probably only diabetics know why

    A Belgian type 1 Diabeast!

  4. I love this. I put it on my myspace page!

  5. At last, the answer as to ‘How to look good with a pump’ is lots of backlighting and to dance around a bit! I love it and shall do more of it. You should get this available as a poster — I’d buy it.

  6. Baddecisionmaker, what pump do you have that you think looks like an ipod? I think mine looks like a very old pager back from the day… i get the comments like “time to get a cell phone – pagers are out!”

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