Speak up.

August 25, 2007


Submitted by:  Hannah (“I don’t know how Halle hides her diabetes so well.  Many people know she has it, but she’s not really outspoken about it.  Is it Type 1 or 2?  Shots or pump?  How about a little activism for the rest of us, Miss Oscar Winner???”)



  1. I heard it was type 2,
    when I was diagnosed my endocrinologist was trying to tell me of some famous people with diabetes, but I’m pretty sure it’s type 2, so I don’t think she has any problems with hiding a pump or needle placement for the onscreen stuff, haha.
    but it would be nice to hear her speak about it though

  2. On her website, she says she’s Type 2.

  3. LMAO!!!!

  4. Here’s an article where she talks quite a bit about it: She’s insulin dependent type 2.


  5. Is it common for type 2’s to be so thin? I think on IMDB it said 1?

  6. Whatever type she is, I have always been annoyed at her lack of activism.

  7. That article says she has “regular speaking engagements” about diabetes. Where? When? It would be nice to be able to go and learn her secrets…I mean, face it, she’s probably one of the hottest people with diabetes in Hollywood.

  8. She’s said she’s Type 1 before, too. It seems most articles that give details are pulling them from other sources other than her, as well. So I don’t know who to believe! I wonder if she even knows herself. Some people think she has Type 1B.

  9. I’m still confused as to what type1b is exactly. Can someone elaborate?

  10. Is Type 1B also LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults)? Or is it Type 2 that becomes insulin dependent? I’m never quite sure.

  11. In her defense, she does take part every year in the Carousel of Hope Gala which supports the Barbara Davis Center as well as the LA chapter of JDRF.

    For all we know, she privately may be very involved.

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