Is This the Remix??

September 5, 2007

Submitted by: Chris Bishop



  1. HAHAHA omg. *falls off chair laughing* Headbanging Wilford Brimley FTW. XD

  2. Funky old man.

  3. This is hysterical! I wsa sitting here working up to a diabetes blue funk when I watched this. The mood has lifted! Thank you.

  4. Loved it! Wilford is such a crabby old guy, it makes it even funnier. Thanks.

  5. I think that mustache moves all by itself.

  6. Go Wilfred, Go Wilfred, It’s your BG, Bring it down!

  7. […] are a whole bunch more that could have made a Top 10 list (namely: Soundtrack to a Low, Is This the Remix?, My Pump Makes Me Look Like a Cross-Dresser, Ah! Needle Landslide, and What’s Better Than a […]

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